Alonso – Pole ; Kimi – Crashes!

Fernando Alonso stole the Pole position from teammate Lewis Hamilton in the last minutes of Saturday Qualifying at the Monaco Grand Prix in Monte Carlo. The street-circuit is a very difficult one to overtake on and by grabbing the pole position, Alonso virtually ensured himself of a win on Sunday. There was a sense of deja vu for Ferrari as Kimi Raikkonen crashed his car at the exact same spot where Michael Schumacher “stalled” his car in last year’s qualifying – a move many said was intentional! Ferrari repeating the same tactic again?? Naah…..Kimi has had is ill-luck follow him wherever he went and added to last race’s disappointment was today’s crash in the qualifying. That effectively pegs him back in the race for championship and Ferrari may hard-pressed to peg Felipe Massa as its title-contender this year.

The brazilian qualified third behind Alonso and Lewis Hamilton and is joined on the second row by Giancarlo Fisichella. Nico Rosberg drove a storming lap for Williams and ended up 5th with Red Bull’s Mark Webber alongside him. Webber’s teammate David Coulthard was punished because of ompeding Heiki Kovalainen and hence was relegated to 16th on the Grid. The two BMW’s of Nick Hiedfeld and Robert Kubica line up 7th and 8th on the grid with the two Hondas of Barichello & Button rounding off the top 10.

I almost never got to see the Qualifying as the cable-op was again upto his old tricks of telecasting useless sports channels instead of the required ones 👿 a quick rap on the knuckles resulted in the telecast being received almost half-way into the Qualifying session. Must remind him to leave it on for tomorrow as well!

7 thoughts on “Alonso – Pole ; Kimi – Crashes!

  1. kya toh bhi… formula 1 jyada follw nayi kara kabhi mai…kal koi to bhi race hai kathe…sab loga dekhinge bolre…

  2. I also couldn’t see the race fully 😦

  3. I havn’t seen a single race of the season! 😦 And I miss Schumi 😦 F1 really isn’t the same without him

  4. Better luck next time Kimi :/

  5. @Rohit: Schumi was there in Monaco. As a spectator 😀

  6. Is Schumi working for Ferrari as an Advisor? that’s what i heard during the race!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Bah! They tell that just so to use his name/fame

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