McLarens dominant at Monaco


The Monaco Grand Prix of 2007 will be remembered as a McLaren Grand Prix! Not only did McLaren achieve a 1-2 result and their 150th win in its history but they did that in a grandiose fashion. Too bad I couldn’t watch the race fully (had a mourning to attend) but I managed to watch the end part and a point to ponder is that the two McLarens finished the race a whopping 69 seconds ahead of the lead Ferrari of Felipe Massa 😮

The top-speed of the McLarens was 290 Kmph whereas the Ferraris stuttered around in the low 286s. Adding to their speed woes was Kimi’s crash on Saturday which effectively relegated him to the back of the grid and even though Kimi drove as best as he could, Monaco’s not a track where one can make up that many places. He ended up a disappointing eighth. Renault’s Fisichella was fourth followed by the two BMW’s of Robert Kubica and Nick Hiedfeld with Williams’ Wurz placed seventh.

But the talk of the day was undoubtedly the McLaren rookie Lewis Hamilton who was fast and menacing through every inch of the track. Twice he managed to close the gap to Alonso in front but the defending champion stove him off to claim a second-successive victory at Monaco. There were reports that McLaren had issued team orders to Hamilton to go slow!

Race Reports: Formula1 | BBC Sport | GrandPrix 

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