Folks in Town

Moi family’s landed today in Hyderabad for a whirlwind vacation. Now that everyone at home (apart from me i.e.) have their summer vacations, they’ve come here to chill out (I doubt that!), check-up on the summer shoppings, look up a few acquaintances, stock-up on the summer niceties and in general have a good time. So itz gonna be a busy week(end) for me considering the fact that Hyd has undergone a sea change since the last time they were here. Its good to be with nears and dears after a long while and I’m gonna savor each and every moment of it.

I talked with them today and explained all about my Blog and my Blogging and forumming activities and that met with the curt rejoinder of “concentrate on ur work”! Previously it was studies and now itz work! Oughtn’t a guy have some freedom of his own đŸ‘¿

Current Mood: Upbeat
Current Song: You Know My Name – Chris Cornell

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