Moi Review’s on IMDB

First things first: IMDB or the Internet Movie DataBase is (in its own words) Earth’s Biggest Movie Database™ and has umpteen bits of information related to movies, casts, crews, production information, DVD releases, reviews, trivia, goofups and almost everything under the sun related to movies. It also has a section for External Reviews i.e. a space for chronicling the reviews of a movie from external sources. It is there that My Wierd Wired World finds a mention for my rather timid movie review of the telugu movie Pokiri!!!

See for Yourselves: IMDB ‘s Pokiri External Review | Moi Pokiri Review

Now I’m no great movie reviewer, but just the thought that one of my review has been mentioned on IMDB (which unlike Wikipedia is an editor-driven site) is what warms the cockles of my heart. Now I’m gonna spend the rest of the evening searching for all other external reviews pages that I’ve found a mention in   :mrgreen:


5 thoughts on “Moi Review’s on IMDB

  1. Yay! Congrats 😀

  2. Man that is cool, I mean IMDB doesnt just take random stuff yours must have been great for them to put it on their external reviews list.

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