A dear friend and colleague for the past two years is embarking upon a new career direction and is taking leave from all of us today. I wish him all the best in all his future endeavors and always hope that he does well and comes up in life…the hard way and not just by sheer luck. All the best of luck mate. Now like oh-so-many tag posts that I see around, I’m gonna say five points that i think hold true for him about him and tag him…..

  1. He is a very very shy person. Wouldn’t say so even if a guy was trampling on his toes!
  2. He’s very sensitive and takes most things to heart…delicate darling as we call it :mrgreen:
  3. A keen-sports lover, he thinks he’s good at TT and Pool but is average at best.
  4. Feels very deeply about politics and the political landscape of AP. Idolizes CBN and hates YSR
  5. Lastly, he is very childish, innocent and still has to learn about life’s hardships and struggles. A gentle and home-bound life have incapacitated him from being as rugged as his friends or colleagues.

3 thoughts on “Farewell

  1. he he he . best of luck to bharatiyudu !!

  2. Thanks a lot YCR. But i dont completely agree with the points u have mentioned

    1. Am I shy, I dont think so, timid is word I think
    2. I am not as sensitive as you think.
    3. I am above average at Pool and average at TT
    4. If I talk about politics does it mean I feel a lot abt politics
    5. I am neither childish nor innocent, though I was brought in a gentle manner, I am as rugged as you are, I dont prefer to be rugged.

  3. Hey, those are not what you ARE but what I THINK of you! And the Ruggedness does crack me up 😆

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