Movie Backlogs

I was thinking last night about watching a new n fresh movie this weekend when my thought process suddenly shifted into the nostalgic gear. I kinda reminisced about the last movies I’d seen and I surprised myself with the answers – Guru was the last hindi movie I’d seen and ’twas Spiderman 3 and Pokiri in english and telugu respectively! The last one was nearly an year back! So what was I upto on all those weekends and holidays? I guess the idiot box and the fact that F1 season’s started may have to do something with it. But on a more pragmatic note, there just haven’t been any good movies of late

So lemme see what all movies i’d have to catch up over the coming month or so….

  • Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End: Capt. Jack Sparrows rescue mission.
  • Ocean’s 13: The gang is back for pulling a fast one on Al Pacino
  • Shooter: A grippy-sounding movie about a retired marksman
  • Perfect Stranger: I nearly saw this movie one saturday but didn’t! Thriller.
  • Ghost Rider: Nicolas Cage as a burning-skull-bike-rider
  • Shrek 3: The green ogre and his wife and donkey and puss are back again.
  • Number 23: Jim Carrey’s thriller about an eerie book
  • Black Friday: A gripping drama about the Mumbai blasts. Kay Kay’s fab I hear
  • Honeymoon Travels: Zingy comedy about 5 (6?) couples.
  • Nishabd: Big B in love with a small B(eauty)
  • Water: Lisa Ray! Lisa Ray! Lisa Ray!
  • Namastey London: Katrina Kaif! Katrina Kaif! Katrina Kaif!
  • Bheja Fry: Boggling Comdey kathe
  • Life in a…Metro: Chic and Urbane movie
  • Shootout at Lokhandwala: Cop n Goon encounter storee
  • Cheeni Kum: Sugary romance between AB and Tabs
  • Bommarillu: Everyone sez its a must-see movie. I wonder why?

5 thoughts on “Movie Backlogs

  1. chhaa,itta lamba list hai aapka …blakc friday bhi nayi dekhe ?

  2. nai. Timeich naiyye 😦

  3. Bommarilu is a must-see film. Dude, even I have seen it. Jeez!

  4. Attagal! I am trying hard to avoid it but these telugu movie fans just keep thrusting it on me 👿

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