Canadian Grand Prix – Saturday Qualifying

McLaren dominated yet again at the Canadian GP’s qualifying session. It was an all-McLaren front row with (surprise!) Lewis Hamilton grabbing his first pole position of his career after a rasping lap around the circuit in 1 min 15 something seconds. Teammate Fernando Alonso was second fastest with 1 min 16 something and whilst I was thinking that Ferrari would better them, a purported heavier fuel load denied them. what’s worse, Kimi was pipped off his 3rd position by BMW’s Nick Hiedfeld whose last lap saw him better Kimi’s time. The two Ferraris would line up 4th and 5th on the grid. There was scant excitement in the first session and also the second one, with almost all expected drivers making the cut. Alonso was instructed to take it easy and that makes me think that the strategy for Sunday’s race may be tilted in the Spaniard’s favor! Its a 70 lap race and the fact that it starts at 22:30 IST would very well make it a drowsy kinda race. Let’s see…..

Links: | BBC Sport

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