A Topsy Turvy Canadian Grand Prix

Lewis Hamilton - Pic Courtesy BBC Sport

Take a track that is notorious for heavy brake wear, put in 22 of the zealot F1 drivers that one can assemble, instruct them to run for 70 laps, mix in a few off-track excursions from the reigning world champion, spice it up with a rookie driver in a belligerent mood, top it up with no less than four safety car periods, garnish with a horrendous crash, and upon tasting, if it still turns out bland, remove two of the frontrunners and there you go…..you have the perfect recipe for the Canadian Grand Prix 2007!!!

In the most exciting race – yet- of the current season, the Canadian Grand Prix witness to the absolute mayhem and madness that one could witness and at the end, only 12 of the 22 starters finished the race with McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton the only guy who started and finished in the same place – at the top of the Grid. In a remarkable show of belligerence, the brit was the only unaffected driver on the grid. Teammate Fernando Alonso was affected by what one might call the drivers block and repeatedly missed the track on turn one and ran wide. Whilst that cost him the 2nd place the first time around, more of such off-track excursions coupled with a stop-go penalty made him finish a measly 7th…with the ignominy of letting Super Aguri’s Takuma Sato overtake him with 2 laps to go! BMW’s Nick Heidfeld finished 2nd after he passed Alonso in the first lap and was never really threatened by the others but he was guilty of letting Hamilton build up a comfortable elad after all those safety car periods. Ferrari’s Kimi Raikkonen had a dozy race with the finn doing little but go round and round the track and only briefly threatened by Alonso in the closing stages. He finished 5th. Teammate Felipe Massa and Renault’s Giancarlo Fisichella were black-flagged for exiting the pit lane under a red light after they thought of quickly refuelling under the second safety car period. BMW’s Robert Kubica had a horrendous crash-spin-roll on the hairpin turn and his car ended up with only the driver’s cockpit intact! He was unhurt though.

At the end of a frantic race, only 12 cars finished the race with Hamilton, Heidfeld and Williams’ Alex Wurz atop the podium. With this win, Hamilton opens up an 8 point lead over Alonso in the drivers’ championship and McLaren now have a 28 point advantage over Ferrari in the Constructors’. The next race is in a week’s time in Indy and Ferrari must quickly regroup to stop McLaren (and Hamilton) from running away too far into the distance.

Race Reports: Formula1.com | Grandprix.com | BBC Sport

2 thoughts on “A Topsy Turvy Canadian Grand Prix

  1. Man I’m missing all the action 😦 Haven’t seen a single race this year.

  2. Too bad! Canadian one was too good to be missed 😛

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