Admin Bar’s disappeared!

I just noticed now that the Admin Bar (The admin bar is the blue bar that shows at the top when you’re logged in.) has disappeared from the main page when I logged in 😐 Initially I thought it was something to do with Firefox since I upgraded to just a while ago but then it didn’t show up in IE7 either! and it is the same with moi other blogs also!

I’d better check it up with other users before I send in a feedback. Anyone else who’s facing the same problem, kindly put in the comments. Tx

[Admin Bar Announcement]

Update (Jun 13th): I logged in today and found that the Admin Bar is back! Both on IE and Firefox. I dunno what the problem was but it is resolved now. WP rulezz!!!

8 thoughts on “Admin Bar’s disappeared!

  1. Didnt face the problem.

  2. Is it still gone?

  3. Yay! I see it today 🙂

    Thanks WP

  4. wow u need to update…

  5. It was a update to the admin bar, its now black.
    It was wordpress…

  6. pot scrie in limba romana?

  7. help my blog to design…..!!!

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