Safari 3 – My first experiences

Apple‘s made its Safari browser available for Windows users and I had downloaded and installed it yesterday. Most of my online travails are spent on Firefox and today I decided I’d give that trusty ol’ fox a rest and take out the sprightly Safari out for a spin. But what followed was far from a stroll in the woods! There were quite a few glitches that are irritating and make one scream out aloud WTF! (almost did that twice or thrice 😳 ) A few of the notable anomalies that I encountered are listed below.

Note: Safari 3 is still in Beta (A version of an application that is made available prior to the official release for the purposes of testing) so much of these anomalies may not be there in the final release. So all ye Apple fans don’t hate me for this!!!

  • Clicking on the Taskbar tab (when Safari is the focussed app) doesn’t minimize the browser window!
  • Line breaks are automatically removed when I post Blogs or Messages! The text just becomes one big paragraph!
  • No ‘Open new tab’ button on the tab-bar
  • Inability to save a single tab as a bookmark
  • Inability to launch a bookmark from the Bookmarks menu item (It only shows the Bookmarks that are currently on the Bookmarks Bar and not all the bookmarks)
  • File>Open Location doesn’t do anything. Keyboard shortcut of Ctrl+L also doesn’t do anything!
  • No tooltips for the menu buttons! I Thought the + button was for a new tab and the button with the insecty image was for Stop!!!
  • Can’t add any other search engines other than Google & Yahoo! I’d sure like Wikipedia, Flickr & IMDB Searches to the search bar!
  • Close Tab icon is on the Left of the tab! Maybe an attempt to oppose Firefox where the close tab is to the right of the tab.
  • No Add-ons. At least there are no free add-ons. I did come across a few paid add-ons.

I’m sure there are many more from where the above came from – considering that it is still in a Beta stage – and sure hope that all of those would be fixed/patched in a later release. Safari does have its advantages though:

  • It is amazingly fast! I fired up Gmail in Safari and IE 7 and even before the Login page was loaded in IE, I had signed in with Safari!
  • Text is rendered smoothly and neatly in Safari. Maybe because of its Font Smoothing thingy!
  • Inline Find is so much useful than in Firefox of IE. I tend to read webpages with lengthy text and finding the appropriate write-up is just so much easy in Safari.
  • Resizeable text boxes are such a boon for a user like me who frequents messageboards and forums.
  • There are a couple of other good-sounding features that I’m yet to try out – snap back and RSS. Only time will tell how I find those vis-a-vis Firefox’s features.

I think I’m gonna hitch back onto the trusted ol’ Fox for now and put Safari in cold-storage – at least for the time being. A full-fledged major release is what I’m awaiting to give it a place amongst moi taskbar shortcuts :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “Safari 3 – My first experiences

  1. Old News! The site itself says that 👿

  2. Hey I have doubt. the “report bug to apple” under help is working or itslf a bug for not working????

  3. It works. U think its a dud coz no info box pops up (like Thanks for submitting etc)

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