F1 Grand Prix in India in 2009?

Grandprix.com states that:

India has decided to build a Formula 1 track near New Delhi rather than push ahead with a street race and Bernie Ecclestone has agreed to grant the Indians the chance for a race in 2009 – no doubt with a lot of conditions which will put the pressure to get everything done in a hurry.

Indian Olympic Association (IOA) president Suresh Kalmadi says that the IOA will promote the race and that money will be raised through government or private funding. This gives the Indians 24 months in which to raise the money and construct the track, a huge challenge. A proper contract will not be signed until everything is in place.

It all sounds wildly optimistic.

I kinda agree with the last statement. Planning, funding, acquiring land, constructing a track and supporting infrastructure and ultimately holding an F1 race is no mean feat and 2 years is a very small amount of time to accomplish all that. Especially with all the bureaucratic and logistical hassles that the project may face. And with the pressure of having to do everything in such short a time frame may lead to a shoddy end-piece and if it doesn’t pass muster with the FIA (and particularly Bernie) one can kiss the contract goodbye! And then what will we do with the track and all?? Use it for go karting??

IMO the powers-that-be need to take an informed decision and should not be allowed to get itself bullied into putting everything in place within a ludicrously short time frame. An F1 race is no mean event – it requires an airport in close vicinity, five-or-greater-star accommodation, good road/rail connectivity, optimum weather conditions and above all, people who are willing to travel upto the track and see the race in all its glory. I guess there are many other things that need to be taken into consideration – some I can’t even imagine! As a F1 fan I sincerely hope that it comes to India but should not end up in being a farce (rmr Afro Asian games?). Till then I’d be content watching it on the TV.

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