No Donut for Me!!

The Days: Saturday & Sunday
Ideal way to Chill: See some Moviez
What I’m doing: Twiddling my thumbs at home!!!

Thatz right! Two days of complete freedom and no movie is available to see! Cheeni Kum is sold out; Jhoom Barabar Jhoom is sold out; Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s end is sold out; the only movies that are available are Shootout at Lokhandwala– which I don’t wanna see and Aaduvari Maatalaku Ardhaale Veru Le – which doesn’t sound too good a movie to be watched! And yeah…Spiderman 3 and Ocean’s Thirteen are also available but the problem with those is that I’ve already seen them!! Twice over that too!!!

What’s worse…Shrek 3 and Fantastic Four – Rise of the Silver Surfer haven’t released here in spite of being widely acclaimed/anticipated movies!!! Sivaji is even out-of-bounds to be thinking about. Theatres are full booked as far ahead as next Friday!!! So that leaves out the teenybopper romance MP3 (Mera Pehla Pehla Pyaar) which, by the way, is available but at Prasadz at a premium rate of 80 bucks. Guess I’ll plump for that…having nothing better to do! The formula One Grand Prix at Indianapolis is at 22:30 IST and that means an entire day of boredom for me….

[EDIT] Am feeling a bit sickish too… so may just cuddle up in bed with a nice engrossing book. What a weekend it will be!

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