Hamilton grabs Pole at Indy

In a belligerent display of on-the-brink driving, rookie Lewis Hamilton grabbed pole position for Sunday’s Formula 1 Grand prix at the Indianapolis Motorway. The McLaren driver clocked a nifty time of 1 Min 12 point something seconds on the last possible qualifying lap to better his previous time set in the previous flying lap. Fernando Alonso could manage only second best while the Ferraris of Felipe Massa and Kimi Raikkonen were 3rd and 4th respectively.

Race Reports: Formula1.com | BBC Sport

5 thoughts on “Hamilton grabs Pole at Indy

  1. Lewie Rookie Wookie 😛

  2. Methinks he can no longer be called a Rookie!

  3. Right, but he isn’t a Wookie either 😛

  4. Hez a biped rite…but not that hairy!
    Mebbe the Car Wars stars can be called Spookies (Speedy Rookies!) :mrgreen:

  5. You got it! He is a Spookie 😀

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