Snow White! But no dwarfs here!

No! I’m not talking about the fairytale that we all listened to in our childhood. What happened was, while I was leaving for work yesterday, I noticed this humungous borewell driller making its way slowly towards the empty piece of land just outside of our house. I was thinking Oh! Good that they’re drilling whilst I’m away! I’m away from the horrible noise! But imagine my surprise when I returned back yesterday into a snowy white land! Everything around me was as white as it could be. Well, the outsides were kinda clean because of the rain but the innards were covered with a fine white dust. The drillers had hit a rock and in the process of drilling through it, the rock-dust had spread all around and settled all over the house. And boy oh boy! did we have a hard time cleaning it off 👿

P.S: Is that why ppl. have been complimenting me on my fairness today? Some of that dust seemed to have settled on me :mrgreen:

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