Bank’s Folly. I end up being fined!

For no fault of my own, I was docked a fine amounting to near about 500 bucks by two of the biggest corporate banks!!! Lets call these banks H and I (X and Y or A and B are so mundane nowadays!) I hold an account with bank I and have a Credit Card with bank H. For the month of May, I made a payment on the I bank’s cheque and deposited the same with H. Unfortunately, I’d forgotten to mention the date on it and hence was dishonored! On the immediate next day, I deposited a correct cheque which was subsequently cleared and amount paid! Well and fine!

Imagine my surprise, when a few days later, I got an automated response from I saying that a cheque has been dishonored again…and this time around the reason was of insufficient funds! A li’l bit of digging led me to the fact that H had presented the older cheque (which was initially dishonored) yet again…instead of sending it back to my address! It was only a non-availability of funds that prevented the cheque from getting paid….otherwise I would have ended up paying twice!!! And hold on…thatz not the end of the story! Today I discovered that H had slapped upon me a fine for a returned cheque and I had slapped yet another fine for insufficient funds 👿 ….all of this for no fault of mine (u can’t pin the blame of the missed date on me…can u?) After a lengthy tirade over the phone with the bank’s customer care division, I did manage to get one of the fine waived…but alas…I gotta cough up the second fine.

This just goes to show how these hotshots so-called corporate financial houses take undue advantage of loopy rules and indecipherable regulations and fleece the common man and take away his hard-earned money. <a lengthy torrent of profanity has been edited from here>

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