Damn Rains!

Itz raining incessantly here in Hyderabad for the past two days!  Alright, a little bit of rain never harmed anyone but it is the mess that it is creating that I’m  ranting about….as it is the number of potholes  on Hyderabadi roads is at an all-time high…and when they’re covered by water, there’s no telling them apart! I and a friend were driving down the road and over what we thought was a small puddle of water, which infact was a humongous pothole filled with water! We  almost did a wheelie (???) and I almost climbed on top of my friend and crashed in front of the bike! Not to mention that I’ve been getting drenched on my way to and from work…..half by the overhead rains and half by the splashing water from the vehicles zooming by 👿

And on top of it all, the damn clothes won’t get dry! Bah! I hate Rains!!!

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