‘Blog’ is a hated word! So is ‘Blogosphere’!

Sometime last year, I had delivered a presentation at moi workplace, aimed at educating people about Blogging and the nuances therein. My presentation was titled ‘Blogs, Blogging and the Blogosphere‘. Little did I know that some ten months down the line, those very words woule become part of a list of the most hated words on the internet!

Anyone who has read a Blook, dabbled in a Blog or participated in a Webinar had better be aware of the correct Netiquette.

Those four terms are among the most annoying words that have been spawned by the Internet which is changing language at a faster rate than ever since the age of Shakespeare, according to a new survey.

Source: Reuters

I was alerted to this fact by a friend of mine – DB – who loathes my blogging and always looks for opportunities to dampen my spirit. The article was syndicated in the Indian Daily – Times of India and he literally jumped onto me with this delectable piece of news! The other hated words included folksonomy, wiki, netiquette, cookie and Blook! Whilst many articles on the web pointed out that these were the words that were chosen by britishers in an online survey, none offers an explanation as to why they’re considered loathsome! Well, for starters, Englishmen have always been proud of their impeccable words and meanings and it might be a genuine agony at seeing words concocted out of nowhere and put forth as the next great definition! In this e-enabled age, people look at ways and means to make their digital life simpler and maybe in that quest, these words got coined. Laziness aside, whats wrong in calling Net Etiquette as Netiquette or for that matter a Video Blog as a Vlog??? And though I hate to admit it, I’m still in th dark as to the origins of the word Blogosphere. Maybe an attempt to classify the world of blogs and journals as a universal entity. And I’m sure everyone knows that Blog itself is a short-form for Weblog. What’s wrong in that??

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