Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

So after a full three weeks after it released, I went ahead and watched Pirates of the Caribbean:At World’s End and I must say that it was a fitting finale (?) to the trilogy. Well, almost! For starters, it was a tad lengthy and a bit too hectic at times and also a bit loony if you know what I mean. Story-wise its all about how Will, Elizabeth, Barbossa, Tia and the gang embark upon the end of the world (nearly) to save Captain Jack Sparrow from the damned Davy Jones’ Locker. And in a situation which is reminiscent of X-Men III: The Last Stand, all the Pirates must fight for their very existence against the East Indian Company who have the Flying Dutchman at their beck and call owing to their possession of Davy Jones’ Heart. It all culminates in a galactic…nope…Ocean-actic battle amongst the pirate-lords and the Dutchman and -as expected – the bad (pirates) win against the pseudo-good (East India Company)

PoTC: AWE (nice abbro that!) is in many ways an exciting and rollicking movie. But I felt that it could have been trimmed a bit so as to make it more suave and effective. I felt the scenes involving Jack Sparrow’s alter-egos could have been done away with as they are a bit too much self-involved! Moreso the build-up towards the battle royal – esp. the Singaporean angle and subsequent disarray in the ranks could have been trimmed off. It doesn’t dampen the overall experience but only succeeds in putting off the end by that much a length of time.

Performances are once-again top-drawer stuff. Johnny Depp carries forward his swaggerish n’ impish portrayal of Capt. Jack Sparrow to another level and is less of the buffoon and more of a strategist this time around. Geoffrey Rush excels as the I-want-command deputy Barbossa and lays down most of the plans, much to jack’s chagrin. Orlando Bloom has a subdued role this time around and seems ill-at-ease in choosing between his love vs. his father. Keira Knightley has an extended role and somehow ends up making a bulk of the decisions en route to becoming a Pirate King. Her emotional reprisal as a lover plus daughter is a bit tacky though. Humor is the same ol’ pirat-ey stuff and the idiotic-comedy-between-two-crew-members is played out this time around between Pintel-Ragetti (pirates) as well as two guards of the East India Company fleet. Depp’s idol/role model Keith Richards makes a cameo as Jack’s father but what evokes a few laughs is Jack’s mother!

Special effects are what make this movie the bumper hit that it turns out to be! The visuals are stunning and the grandiose scale of the entire movie is mind-blowing. From the scenes of the Black Pearl being towed along by crabs to the deathly plunge over the waterfall to the up is down rocking boat scene…each of them are spellbinding. The climax fight is awesome – to say the least – and enthralls the viewers no end. All in all, Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End brings the hugely popular franchise to a fitting culmination. It may not rival the Matrix or the Lord of the Rings or the Harry Potter franchises but has its won unique niche amongst them all.

P.S: There were two things that I quite couldn’t fathom – what was the Calypso stuff all about? If Tia was Calypso from the start, why come up now! And when the Dutchman gets a new captain, why does the crew’s appearance change allovasudden? Beats me!

3 thoughts on “Movie Review: Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s End

  1. I cudnt comprehend these two things either ! being an ardent fan of Pirates fan , I wud have loved it had it been sleaker and been trimmed by 20-30 minutes ….
    and I hope they do come up with fourth part sooner 🙂

  2. i didnt want anything trimmed at all. the whole movie is stupendous. ( i rated it 9.5/10). I loved everything about the movie. Calypso was the sea goddess whom Davey Jones had imprisoned in human form, just because she was too wild. there was revenge factor involved. a part of the tale is also in Dead Man’s Chest.

    I think that the crewmen changed form, because they were bound to the captain of the flying dutchman. they had become monsters in the first place because of Davey Jones. They had a task at hand to escort souls to the next world, which he did not perform. He was corrupted.

  3. Yah…I read the Calypso part on the web somewhere……

    But they showed at the end that Will Turner returns after 10 years…wonder who became the Capt. of the Dutchman then! Guess we’ll have to wait for the 4th part 😛

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