Hutch Cheated Me!

I’ve been a Hutch Prepaid Subscriber ever since 2004. I had been pretty much impressed by its service and tariff plans and was a loyalist even as my friends and colleagues started drifting over to other service providers. But all of that respect and loyalty has been pushed down the drain by their recent ill-treatment meted out to me!

On Friday, 29th of June, I decided to recharge my prepaid account and so as to see the latest tariffs and offer plans (if any) I headed over to Hutch India’s website and navigated over to their prepaid section. Therein under the eTopUp section, they had a table of tariffs laid out under which I found the 599 plan to be an attractive one:

Hutch Cheated Me!

The talktime was of 533 and with a validity of 365 days. And as they mention therein, it was valid both for new and existing subscribers. I wasted no time and immediately recharged with that denomination. Imagine my surprise when I found that only Rs. 233 was credited to my account and a validity of only 180 days!!! The subsequent day, I called up their customer care center and enquired about it and they responded that the balance of Rs. 300 talktime would be credited within 24 hrs. I wated 2 more days and much to my chagrin, there was no sign of the amount even on Monday, the 2nd of July. I again called up the call center guys and this time around they had a different story to tell. They informed me that the offer was valid only for new subscribers and that existing members would be receiving the basic talktime of Rs. 233 /180 days validity!!! Moreover they had the cheek to tell me that I should have double-checked with the call center before committing to the recharge 👿

Do they think the Website is just for fun’s sake?? Its contents are of no use whatsoever?? Who know how many people would have been misled by these discrepancies in the display and the actual service!!! It is indeed appalling that a provider of such a stature as Hutch would be so unprofessional in their service towards loyal customers!

P.S: I’m gonna ask some serious questions in their Hutch shop today! Approaching the Consumer Court also is an option!

6 thoughts on “Hutch Cheated Me!

  1. i just got cheated by a mobile dealer. I got a motorola phone. they gave an idea subscription for free (of Rs. 225). When i checked the balance, it was 25 Rs. then out of nowhere, they said that it was only idea-idea. the cheats…then, they didnt submit the form for the prepaid connection, leading to an almost disconnection. This led to a heated argument. I am still wondering whether to drag them to a consumer forum or not.

  2. So u approachd hutch shop? tak a print of the site….

    Also u can write a mail by attaching the mail in written in hutch care ap mail ID.

    Once it happend with me but after writing to hutchcare giving written proof n attaching the snap shot they reverted back the amount they hav charged additionally.

    Wht i mean is whn u r talking to ccare its a verbal communication & no proof but in mail its written. so they will b more carefull. coz their reply can b put against them.

  3. Companies think they can take their customers for a ride, and as you have rightly pointed out specially hutch really doesn’t even give a comforting reply. Stupid chaps at the other end keep on repeating whatever we say and then put forth even more stupid reasons for the problems. They really don’t understand that the more they argue with a customer the more customers they would lose.

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  5. Chitranjan,
    you should definitely go to consumer court ASAP.

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