Upcoming Movies and their Trailers

Happened to view the HD Trailers of two upcoming action flicks. Altough only one of them is upcoming – the other has released elsewhere. The flicks in question are The Bourne Ultimatum and Transformers. The former is the third installment in the Bourne trilogy (Boy! Is this a year for triquels or what!!) after Identity and Supremacy and sees Jason Bourne being hunted by the CIA. The latter is the action flick based on the shape-shifting Transformer toys – Autobots and Decepticons. Phew…some names they are!

Though I haven’t seen the first two parts of Bourne, I plan to read the books before I get to see the movie. There’s an Identity DVD lying about somewhere….must search for it sometime. And the transformers movie also seems to be an action-packed adventure. Lets see when this hits screens here!

Catch the HD Trailers at http://www.apple.com/trailers

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