Kimi wins British Grand Prix

A flawless Kimi Raikkonen and an equally flawless Ferrari strategy saw the Finn rack up his second successive win of the year at the British Grand Prix at Silverstone. Having lost the pole position to he McLaren of Lewis Hamilton on saturday, Ferrari put on their thinking caps and came up with a beautiful strategy that helped them take victory. And if Felipe Massa’s car hadn’t stalled at the start – he started from the pit lane eventually – Ferrari would have scooped up another 1-2 finish!

It was evident that Hamilton had a lighter fuel load and would look away to pull away quickly at the start, refuel and rejoin in the lead again…but that was not to be as Kimi stuck to him throughout the first stint, even managing a few attacking maneouvres, and not allowing him to build up a hefty lead. By the time the first pit-stops finished, it was the McLaren of Fernando Alonso which led the race but Kimi stayed out longer than Alonso for the second pit-stops and managed to rejoin ahead of the McLaren after his own pit stop and cruised to his second successive and third overall victory of the season. Teammate Felipe Massa had to start from the pits and in a gutsy drive, managed to overtake most people on the grid and finished fifth behind the BMW of Robert Kubica. The big four teams scooped up the top eight positions with Nick Heidfeld taking 6th ahead of the two Renaults of Heikki Kovalainen and Giancarlo Fisichella. The next race is in two weeks time at Nurburgring and Ferrari definitely seem to have the edge going into the mid-season. I just hope that Kimi remains as fast as he is and goes on winning more races!!!

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