Meticulous Me

Music Note Took out some time out today to rename, re-arrange, categorize and organize my music collection. Now I’m no big-time music enthu and don’t have all varieties of songs; don’t collect English songs (which are the bulk of the lot); don’t have all of the latest stuff that’s available out there but still I do have a good collection of songs – even if I say so myself! They’re mostly Hindi, a few Telugu and a sprinkling of English amongst them. Weighing around at around 6 Gigs, it was quite a bit!

Firstly, I searched for some nice freeware that would organize those files at a few clicks but could only find some renamers 👿 . Then I remembered reading somewhere about a nifty song-organizer – most probably on one of the many blogs that I saunter about – but a frantic search through my bookmarks and Google Reader feeds could yield nothing 😦 . Then I picked up iTunes and started about doing it the hard way around; ditched it midway; picked up WMP; ditched it too midway; and finally completed it with Real Player 😛 . It had a rather nifty file renamer that automatically renamed the files into the Album – Song Name format and moved them into the Album Name folder – which was exactly what I wanted. So just at over an hour, all the rm and mp3 and midi files were snugly placed under their relevant places and I can now heave a sigh of relief! Now comes the well-nigh-impossible task of smuggling them out and burning’em onto DVD’s :mrgreen:

6 thoughts on “Meticulous Me

  1. That’d be MusicBrainz.

  2. Ahh….Thanks Man!

    P.S: Ur site’s blocked by the firewall here 👿

  3. are you referring to my blog?

  4. I had to do it the hard way using iTunes. But it helped me easily access my collection on my iPod as well, so the bonus made it all worthwhile!

  5. Doing it thru iTunes was a tad slowwwww!

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