Hutch is not too bad after all!

After a week of hectic parleys between myself and the customer care over at Hutch (Re: My talktime woes) when there was no apparent response from their side, I shot off a curt email to the Appellate authority for AP Division. Making no bones about the whole issue, I placed all the details that I had at my disposal and laid bare my frustrations. I was suitably rewarded a few hours later as the representative called me up and acknowledged their blooper and apologized for the same. The recharge amount that was due to me was duly credited into my account and the validity of the account was extended up to the actual validity period 🙂

It reminded me of that Hindi adage: Der aaye durust aaye! which I suppose is the same as Better late than never! Ultimately I got the talktime I deserved and at the end of it all, both parties are happy. They’ve retained their customer and I’ve got my talktime. Alls well that ends well :mrgreen:

5 thoughts on “Hutch is not too bad after all!

  1. How can you forgive them so easily man? That for their own mistake which was followed by total arrogance! der aaye durust aaye? all they have done is accepted their mistake and done wht they shd have done anyway.

  2. Yeah but there was nothing else to do, Right?

    I can’t claim Compensation for the trauma it caused me unless I put in a case!

  3. Yeah, but u did have to wake them up! not a good sign, is it? Now don’t tell me it was an innocent mistake on their part! They were arrogant enough to say that it was ur mistake!

  4. Yeah…arrogant and also cheeky…to think that I would verify with their CustCare before recharging 👿

    But I got the talktime and validity… why push for more?

  5. Yeah. but at least don’t give them a clean chit so fast!

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