Die Hard 4.0 – Movie Review

Die Hard 4.0

First there was Hans Gruber, then came Col. Stuart and after him, Simon Gruber. One met gravity, the other two went up in a puff of smoke. And now it is the turn of Thomas Gabriel…who catches a bullet. The common string between all these four guys – John McClane. Yippy-ki-yay-**********!!! Die Hard 4.0 is the fourth in the series of Die Hard – and the first since 1995. For twelve long years, John McClane is being living in peace when suddenly a uber hacker threatens America and cripples its computer systems, its databases, the cyber security, and even the goddamn traffic lights! It is left to John to hunt down the evil-doers and restore normalcy – with the help of a nerdy hacker geek and loads of in-your-face action.

The Die Hard movies have always been action-packed and 4.0 is no exception. Cars smashing into helicopters, cars smashing into other cars, C4 atop PC’s which go kaboom at Ctrl+alt+Del, cars falling down elevator shafts, huge semis racing against F35’s, collapsing freeways – its all in here. And that just gets the adrenaline flowing. The apparent Chutzpah of the movie was supposed to be its uber-hacking and subsequent controlling of the whole country by means of a few PC’s – a plot which I personally found very tacky & inglorious. Beats me how gas can be re-routed into an electric facility by a few keystrokes!!! But when there’s so much kick-a$$ action, who’s bothering about such trivialities!

Bruce Willis is excellent as the cop who’s caught up at the wrong place at the wrong time and his action maneuvers are awesome! He is good as a reluctant learner, as the villain says at one point – a Timex watch in the digital age – and takes the help of young hacker Farrell (Long) in deciphering the situation and defusing it. Willis’ one-liners are absolutely hilarious and spot-on. Timothy Olyphant as the genius hacker turned mercenary villain is good. I saw him last in Scream as an accomplice but here he’s the one calling the shots.

To sum up, Die Hard 4.0 is an out n’ out action caper which is a must-see for all action junkies. High octane stunts coupled with an in-form Bruce Willis makes the movie one of the best in the series. And considering that the other three came in the 90’s, this oughta be the best one!

Useful Links: IMDB | Hollywood.com Review | Official Site

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