Naqaab – The thriller that wasn’t!

The Movie Naqaab, had the tag-line of ‘The Most Shocking Thriller of the Year’. IMO, the makers ought to change it to ‘The Most Pathetic Thriller of the Decade’!!! The Movie seemed like Humraaz part II…what with Akshaye Khanna playing a struggling loverboy and Bobby Deol a rich Businessman. Only the heroine has changed. Urvashi Sharma is drool-able but has to learn acting and dialogue-delivering and emoting and striking a pose and walking and running and laughing and romancing and crying and pretty much everything else.

Story’s a nonsensical crap. And since most ppl. here won’t see this one, I’ll spill the beans….at the end šŸ‘æ Akshaye Khanna is OK. Bobby Deol is so not! He needs to stick to Bicchoos and Badals and that Kinda shtick! Music is groovy..tho a few tracks are lifted. Alisha’s title sequence song rocksss. Direction is tacky and insipid and downright ugly….more so becoz of the story! Abbas Mustan seem to have lost it!

Verdict: Avoid Naqaab like the Plague. See Aap Ka Surroor instead!


Story: Bobby Deol is a rich Businessman in Dubai who falls in love with Waitress Urvashi when she slaps a rude customer. She works at Burger King and stays in Deol’s Palatial mansion and also pays him Rent..even tho Bobby loves her an proposes marriage. On her engagement party, she gets to dance with Akshaye Khanna (Since the hotel’s Egyptian custom say that a to-be-wedded gal has to hook up for one last dance with a bachelor so as to get luck for her marriage!) She dances with Akshaye and sparks fly…they keep meeting and Love happens!! Heroine is now in a dilemma to choose between the man who loves her and the man she loves. But all is not hunky dory. Akshaye keeps talking to a mysterious man over the phone regarding his courtship of Urvashi and at all moments there seems to be a third person who is shooting the goings-on on Handycams!

Akshaye realises she must get married and hence says he was only fooling around. Urvashi agrees to marry Bobby and on the Altar, says I DON’T and runs away into Akshaye’s bed and makes love! Next day, Bobby shoots himself!!!

Till now it is regular Bollywood tripe. But it gets uglier…….Bobby Deol is NOT a businessman! He is a movie maker who hires Akshaye to act in his ‘Reality’ movie as a guy who breaks up a relationship. The Relationship he has to break is Bobby’s and Urvashi’s. And when its all over, Bobby tells that all that has elapsed for the past 2 hours is a conceptualised ‘Reality Movie’. He uses all sorts of hiddenĀ cameras and subterfuged signatures and contracts and makes this Realistic Triangle Movie. He wins all possible Film Festival awards – Cannes, Egypt, Paris and Rome included……and when he releases the movie in India at the Goa Film Festival, gets shot at – this time really! Akshaye and Urvashi live happily ever after…

And the Audience rushes out to buy Zandu Balm and Amrutanjan and whatever pain reliever they could lie their hand upon!!!!


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