Weighty Issue

Yesterday I was at the Secunderabad station with a friend of mine. I was seeing off some folks who’d come to the city. After they’d gone, we sauntered off to the exit when my friend suddenly spotted those age-old weight machines at the entrance. These are the coin-operated contraptions that has a wheel which starts turning as one climbs onto the pedestal and one has to drop the coin into the slot when the wheel stops. A few clicks and clangs later, a neat little ticket drops out with the person’s weight printed on it.

Now my friend was eager to try it out, so he hopped onto one, slipped in a coin and presto! the ticket with the weight was in his hands. But much to his chagrin, the weight printed was 94 Kgs!!! Now he’s a lean and skinny chap (by my standards!) so obviously he was taken aback. He trooped off to another of those machines and tried his luck there…pop came out a ticket with 61 Kgs printed on it! We were dumbstruck….so much difference!!! We spotted another machine across the hall and thinking third-time-lucky, he hopped onto it and repeated the procedure and obtained a ticket with 74 Kgs on it. It was a bit closer to reality and hence we accepted it and came back a confused…but satiated……lot!

Moral: If you have three tickets with different weights on them, take out the average and that’s probably how much you weigh! Alternatively, visit your nearest hospital/clinic and stay away from the stations 😐

2 thoughts on “Weighty Issue

  1. Why didn’t u try getting ur own weight? :p

  2. Coz I know my weight 👿

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