Windows Live Writer 2 Ahoy!

This’ll be the last post from moi Windows Live Writer (Beta) Ver. 1. I had been using it since August 11th 2006 – the day it was released! I somehow got it in my head as being Windows Live Writer though [ šŸ˜³ ] And now that its Ver. 2 has been released, its time to upgrade.

[Windows Live Writer Beta 2 Released]

I’d downloaded it a few days ago, but seeing as to how there were a few pre-installation and post-installation problems, I thought maybe I should wait for some sorta update…but those won’t be anytime soon! I’ll update it as and when they’re available.

Misc: WordPress hails WLW | Zoundry

5 thoughts on “Windows Live Writer 2 Ahoy!

  1. What goes from a beta 1.0 to beta 2.0 without a final?

  2. Lemme Guess….. WLW :mrgreen:

    Whatz more…Help>About shows the Ver. as 1.0 šŸ˜

  3. It’s not Beta 2.0. It’s not even officially “Windows Live Writer Beta 2”, although we have been calling that (implying “1.0 Beta 2”). Officially, the last version was called “Windows Live Writer Beta” and this version is called… “Windows Live Writer Beta”. Sometime in between we also released “Windows Live Writer 1.0 (Beta) Update”.

    And don’t even try to make sense of Help | About, it goes from 1.0 to 1.0.1 to 12.0.something!

  4. You’ve been using it since August 2007? living in the future eh?

  5. @Joe: Yeah! As my latest post sez, the version is still 1 only its a bnew build of version i šŸ˜

    @Bug: What r u talking abt? Specs pehenke padho postaan šŸ‘æ

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