Windows Live Writer – New Version

I’d downloaded and installed the latest version of the Windows Live Writer today and as expected, I ran into a few hiccups. Firstly, the installer would exit prematurely – a known issue. I followed the troubleshooting procedures as mentioned on the Writer page and proceeded again. This time around, I encountered 2 scary-looking Exception message(s):


Exception Message

But after that installation proceeded well and WLW was up n running soon. It looks a bit more garish than the earlier version though. Curiously, Help>About still shows the version as Ver. 1!!! Maybe its a Version 1 Build 2! It has the few features that the earlier version missed – adding categories and tags, inline spellcheck, table inserts, creation of pages, splitting the post, changing the post properties etc etc. The editor’s color can be changed to match one’s mood and there are a host of plugins that can be added on to make blogging a richer experience.

I’d have liked the WLW to use the Windows Dictionary that Outlook/MS Word uses. I’ve painstakingly added my oft-used words to those dictionaries and now I’ve to do it all over again with WLW 😦 It also cannot change the alignment of pictures and tables into the center of the post. I have to do it on the WordPress editor again!

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