Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix – Movie Review

Harry Potter and The Order Of The PhoenixHarry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, the fifth instalment of the Harry Potter Movie series, was an eagerly awaited one and – though was overshadowed by the release of the 7th and last book in the series – managed to grab a few eyeballs of its own in the past three weeks. I saw the movie yesterday and I must say that it wasn’t very good! I never yawned so many times in an english movie!!! And not only me, the gent beside me had nodded off completely! Few kids fell asleep mid-way and there was no applause at the end as there was with HP & TGOF!

At least I was spared somewhat since I haven’t read the book. Some of my friends who have read the books were of the opinion that the book hasn’t been brought out well onto the screen. For the non-readers like me, comparison with the earlier movies was inevitable and I found that this one lacked the ‘soul’. All of the earlier movies had subject and a story+soul woven around it. Be it the sorcerer’s stone or the chamber or the goblet. (Azkaban was more about the relationships et al IMO) Here, the subject was the Order or the group – which was pretty much non-existant in the movie! The original order was much talked about but was briefly shown in just a few photographs. Their enmity and fight with Voldemort’s gang was never clearly put into perspective.

It also felt haphazard throughout School opens and closes and again opens with hardly any classes shown……no quidditch or Malfoy-Sparring….DADA classes by Harry were OK and so were the fights…the only known members of the Order were Black, Lupin and Moody…dunno the rest!

Plus points included the lead actors’ portrayals and indeed the pink-sweatered lady! What happened to her in the end is still a mystery!! It wasn’t that apalling a movie but could have been better…faar better!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter & The Order Of The Phoenix – Movie Review

  1. And what is supposed to be a Neo Con??

    P.S: I didn’t read the blogpost!

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