European Grand Prix: Alonso Wins a Rainy Race

Fantastico! Awesomeo! Nurburgringo! The European Grand Prix was one of the excitingest race that I’ve ever seen. The first 20 minutes of the race was an absolute mayhem….humdinger….downright ugly but exciting!!! The race had started off with Kimi Raikkonen on Pole and Alonso and Massa lining up behind him. There was a likelihood of rain and it came down sooner than it takes for the five red lights to go off! And Boy oh boy…when it rained…it poured…..and the race was more like the Volvo Ocean Race than the European Grand Prix!!!

Alonso Cars were skidding off the track left right and center; Pole sitter Kimi missed the Pit-Lane; teammates took out one another; first corner gravel trap was receiving one car per 4 seconds into it; and in a matter of two laps, five drivers were graveled. Hamilton clawed back into the race eventually with the help of a crane, but others were not so lucky. The rain stopped after a while but there was so much water on the track that the race had to be Red-flagged. It was resumed after a 30-minute delay and then it was routine racing as usual. With a few disappointments thrown in. Ralf got totaled by Nick in front of the Toyota Grandstand! Kimi got yet another bad car and whatever pride he was trying to redeem after that pit-lane-miss, was gone in trying to get his bullock-cart-of-a-Ferrari back into the pits even slower than he could have walked! Then the rain came again and it was Alonso who came out better tyred, better gripped and more belligerent of the frontrunners. He literally swatted Felipe Massa out of the first position and took the race lead with 3 laps to go. And Won!

Race Reports: | BBC Sport |

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