Fitness Funda

Health is Wealth! Or so the wise people say. Indeed, in today’s fast-paced life, people are neglecting their health and are sacrificing their well-being-ness in favor of more materialistic pleasures. Moreso in the corporate world where waistlines are increased in pursuit of deadlines; blood pressure shoots up the charts akin to the profitability chart; calories are accumulated as rapidly as accolades!!! In such a scenario, I was pleasantly glad to see that our office ppl. have taken the initiative of starting several fitness-aimed programmes. One of which is the cardio-workout styled Aerobics.

The word aerobic means with oxygen. Aerobic exercise is any repetitive activity that you do long enough and hard enough to challenge your heart and lungs. In order to work your heart and lungs hard enough, you must get your largest muscle groups involved. They include your legs, glutes, back and chest.

We started the aerobics sessions today and it was fun! A couple of stretches and pulls kicked off the regimen and it gradually paced up to include kicks (mild ones mind u!), lunges and sit-ups et al. The only grouse was the music which wasn’t pacy or fast enough! So here’s hoping that this regimen will get me back into shape soon enough (though that depends on the longevity of the programme and my own commitment to it :mrgreen: ) So 1 -2 -hup – hup – hup…..

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