New Theme

I’ve changed themes after what seems like ages! I’ve been sticking to the wonderful Unsleepable ever since it was made available and no subsequent theme could be as good enough as it! I did change to the newer themes but after a few minutes would revert back to Unsleepable. The black n gray theme was so good on the eyes, the fonts were good and links were highlighted in pink (which was the only thing I detested about it!). But the custom header wasn’t there in Unsleepable. It remains to be seen how long I’ll stick with this theme before hitching back :mrgreen:

4 thoughts on “New Theme

  1. The header text is good bu the yellow colour is going too well with the background. change madi!

  2. Hmm…Going too well! Or NOT going well??

  3. Hows the current one?

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