GTalk Smileys

Smiley: a colloquial term for a small symbol, made out of ordinary characters but often representing a smiling face, inserted into an e-mail or news article to indicate that a message or comment is humorous, ironic, or not meant to be taken seriously!!!

We use Smileys almost on a daily basis – be it over IM convos, Bulletin boards or discussion boards or even in plain email communications. Now whilst Yahoo! and MSN have a niche set of smileys, Google Talk does not have any dedicated ones i.e. there is no emoticon or smiley toolbar from wherein smileys can be added onto the IM’s. But it does have some in-built smileys that can be typed in via the keyboard as common key-combos and which automatically get transformed into animated smiley icons. Now everyone might be knowing about the commonly used smileys like the smile [:-)] or the frown [:-(] but GTalk has a few more smileys that can be used via the keystroke combos. Here is a pic showing the GTalk Smileys and the key-strokes to be used for getting them:

GTalk Smileys

Courtesy: A Google Search! | WackyB | GMail Help Center

17 thoughts on “GTalk Smileys

  1. They are not on Gtalk, they are only on the chat application sitting inside gmail. There is a difference.

  2. Eh?? Won’t it be the same across both??

  3. It doesn’t work on Gtalk, the application. Try it.

  4. @Gyani: Shall try it out soon (Don’t have it at aapis!)

    @Bug: Bhelcum ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. BTW, to type text in bold on gtalk…u need to put the text in between two asterixs. *text*

  6. cha! Humlogaan kya ajerbaijan se abhich aaye kyaa?

    * for bold and _ for italics humein bhi patha hae ๐Ÿ‘ฟ

  7. Is there any new version of gtalk to use emotions..
    If it is then please tell me because i want to use emotions on gtalk

    Thank You

  8. The Chat applet within Gmail supports these new Emoticons. Dunno whether GTalk (Installable Application) does the same!

  9. u also forgot to add this one }:-)
    it makes a devil

  10. its not working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. It works for me! And for most people I Know!

    Maybe you’re using an older version!

  12. try this V.v.V a crab

  13. Ah! Thats a nice one. Thanks Sam.

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