My First Tamil Movie

Being an ardent watcher of English and Hindi movies, I never have given much preference to regional language movies – even towards (my mother tongue) Telugu movies. I rarely watch Telugu movies and that too only those which have already seen some success. In light of this, it was pretty surprising (even to myself) that I sat up till late into the night to watch a Tamil movie!!! The movie in question was the much-acclaimed and award-winning Autograph. I had watched the movie’s Telugu remake and had an ok sorta opinion towards it. But when the Tamil version was playing on the telly, it kinda lured me into watching it!

The movie is about memoirs and remembrances. The hero travels to all the places he has lived in the past and remembers his past memories. He meets his childhood friends, college mates and work-colleagues and invites all of them to his impending marriage. But mostly it concentrates on his relationship with three women across his life – a childhood romance, a college lover and a friend and mentor while at work. He ultimately marries a fourth girl in the end! The movie is reminiscent of the Raj Kapoor flick Mera Naam Joker wherein the hero encounters different women at different stages in life but the treatment meted out in this tamil version is slightly different though. The tamil version had the director Cheran himself donning the lead protagonist’s role with Gopika and Sneha playing the female leads. Songs are pretty melodious with the opening song Gnyapagam Varudhe being the best of the lot.

P.S: Are you wondering how could I sit through a full-length Tamil movie even though I don’t understand a word of it?? The movie had English subtitles throughout that helped me a lot :mrgreen:

2 thoughts on “My First Tamil Movie

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  2. Haha, my first (and only) tamil movie was Alaipayuthey (tamil version of Saathiya). And it’s my mother tongue too! I just prefer hindi movies. Subtitles are key 🙂

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