Do Not Call

Hello Sir, I am calling on behalf of YCYCY Bank. This is regarding personal loan sir. Good Morning Mr. Chittaranjan. I represent the Preferential Insurance company. We have some excellent Insurance options for you.

Hello Chittaranjan Sir, would you like a lifetime free credit card from PTI bank?

I am sure many people have received the exact same type of calls at inopportune moments and at unearthly hours of the day. One gets tired of saying No!; Thanks but no Thanks!; I don’t need any of those! kinda statements. Most often than not, we just disconnect the call without listening further. No offence meant to the telecallers (who are just doing their job) but it really gets on the nerves and makes me scream out loud! Is there any way out from such disturbances? There seems to be….

The TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has a site called National Do Not Call Registry aimed at curbing unsolicited commercial calls, also known as telemarketing calls.

Any Mobile or landline subscriber who does not wish to receive telemarketing calls, can request their telephone number be included in the NDNC Registry. Such request are sent through their telecom service providers which will be stored in National Do Not Call Registry, which is expected to be established from Sept. 2007. Subscribers can make a Do Not Call requests via Letter, phone, SMS or on-line.

So there is still time till September 2007 before this comes into effect. But I came cross quite another National Do Not Call / Disturb Directory of India which is (IMO) a privately maintained site (as the loads of ads lead me to believe) which has links to the Do Not Call/Dial lists of the country’s most prominent Banks and financial institutions. These institutions have a dedicated page where users can give in their numbers and (fervently) hope that thy wouldn’t receive any more calls. But what if it is the other way round?? I mean, here you have a newly taken mobile connection and in anticipation that you will be spared these calls, you provide your number. And bang! your hitherto unknown number becomes known and the telecallers can(will) call you!!! So you are open to your own interpretation of the list. Don’t blame me if you do that and suddenly find yourself getting loads of calls everyday 👿

More: RBI Notification | Techtree News Article

2 thoughts on “Do Not Call

  1. Actually, the way they pick up your phone number is pretty simple. you fill up a form/application/lottery/contest with your name and number then you are a goner. Simply dont do that and see how no one would know.

    The other reason is friends who refer, ‘Refer 5 people and you get something free’ and bang they have your number.

  2. Also Cellphone co.s or their agents may ‘provide’ these numbers to telecallers! And once a number gets into a telecallers list…it won’t be late before it propagates everywhere 👿

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