WordPress T Shirts

Wordpress T Shirt WordPress.com has jumped onto the branding bandwagon and is selling T-Shirts with the WordPress Logo on it. An announcement as to this effect was made today on the WP Blog. It is a great marketing idea that would surely boost up the popularity of WordPress. People wearing it will be asked – what is WordPress? – and thus a word-of-mouth spread of the blogging platform will induce more users (hopefully). And maybe this branding line will increase into more products such as caps, mouse-pads, bumper stickers, mugs and all kinds of whatnots! WP has an exclusive shopping site that will be selling these products and the first one is this good-looking T Shirt. And I’d have purchased it but for three reasons that are stopping me:

  • I loathe the red color 👿
  • A convenient size mayn’t be available (though the site has sizes upto 3XL one can never say with British sizes!)
  • The cost+shipping works out to around 1200 INR which is kinda on the higher side for an collarless T Shirt (even though it is from WordPress)

A more viable option for me would be to print a decent-sized and high-res image of the WP Logo (maybe with my blog address beneath it) on photo-transfer paper or Iron-on’s as they’re called, and transfer it onto a plain Tee of my size/color/choice :mrgreen:

One thought on “WordPress T Shirts

  1. Yes i know but i hate red color:(

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