Justice Delayed but not Denied

The hammer was finally sounded for the last time in the fourteen year old Mumbai Blasts case and it quite likely seemed to be the death knell for Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt. The Munnabhai was sentenced to Six years RI and was also fined 25,000 INR.

Bollywood star Sanjay Dutt was jailed for six years on Tuesday for getting guns from gangsters involved in India’s worst bombings, ending an epic trial that transfixed the country with tales of terror and revenge. Dutt, an immensely popular star known for his macho anti-hero roles and troubled private life, was found guilty of acquiring illegal weapons

I won’t go into the details as there already are over 400 news articles doing the rounds of the web but IMHO, it was just about right. He got what he deserved. I know that people won’t agree with me but I feel that one has to look into the events from a 1993 standpoint and not from 2007! We all know how affable and gentle or Sanju baba is but that has more to do with age mellowing him down rather than an innate softening of the heart or the demeanor. Back in 1993, he was parley to a deadly weapons transaction, and though it stands as a small event in comparison to the bombings, it still is punishment-worthy. May he be resilient enough to overcome this ordeal which, again IMO, may be much more tougher that the past fourteen years!

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7 thoughts on “Justice Delayed but not Denied

  1. It was appalling to see film personalities rooting for him they way they did on TV y’day.
    One good thing though was that it took away all the attention from the India’s victory at Trent Bridge. :mrgreen:

  2. ya u r right. CNN IBN had a poll ” is the punishment for Sanjay Dutt justified” — Oh come on! he is not God . He was punished because he’s found guilty.

    There was a little mention about India’s Victory at Trent Bridge.

    These news channels crave for TRP ratings esp CNN IBN a f***king channel

  3. Ycee, how did you put that ‘lazybug’s opinion’ thingy? Is it just another tag? I can’t see it on the tags section.

  4. The Problem is that people have built a mindset about Sanjay Dutt over the past few years and that is overshadowing his earlier misdeeds! The Judge was abs. spot-on when he said that U have roamed free all these years and made much Money so now its time to do some jail-hopping!

    @Lazybug: Thatz a Link to ur post man….just hyperlinked it :mrgreen:

  5. I know that’s a link to my post. But is that Related thingy a geature that can be added to every post?

  6. Yeah! All you have to do is just type it out :mrgreen:

  7. ya, it sounded pretty goood when the judge said that “i’m very impressed personally by ur charisma in ur movies,i’m just doing my duty”.
    he also said that “of all ur life i’m just taking only 6years”.

    i just overheard that it was his fanatsy for guns,rifles which cost him 6 yrs .

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