Hutch Peeps In

A casual visit to the Hutch Website today left me scratchy-headed for a moment. why? Coz I saw an unusual Flash warning message:

Hutch Access

I was wondering why the hell would they want access to my Webcam (which I don’t have!) and Microphone. Its not like I would record my paeans or complaints therein! And why would I may be recorded? I will be or I won’t – as simple as that! After a li’l more scratching, I clicked on the question mark which led me to Adobe and therein lay the answer to my perplexity. The flash app on the Hutch site had some embedded music (which I came to know after clicking on Allow) and hence the warning would pop-up everytime the page is loaded. I can control it via the privacy settings BTW.

2 thoughts on “Hutch Peeps In

  1. K! send the process & snapshot to hutch ID. and c if u r getting any response. May b gud package for testing in Hutch or might b Vodafone 🙂

  2. :mrgreen: Thatz just an Adobe warning…I can disable it via Flash Settings

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