GMail Collaborative Video

No that isn’t another Video-sharing-via-Email service being launched by Google. They already have (had?) Google Video and YouTube. So what is new about this one? Well, GMail users might have noticed a new message on their top-bar:

Google Top Bar

It is part of a new venture from the GMail folks titled GMail: A Behind the Scenes Video for adding viewer-submitted clips for their Collaborative Video…

Help us imagine how an email message travels around the world. Take a look at the collaborative video we started, and then film what happens next. We’ll rotate a selection of the clips we receive on this page, and add the best ones to the video. The final video will be featured on the GMail homepage and seen by users worldwide.

All it takes is a video camera, the GMail M-velope ( ), and some creativity.

Submit your clip by August 13th, 2007 to be considered for the final collaborative video.

GMail: A Behind the Scenes Video

Sigh! Only If i had a Videocam! And also, I would have understood the concept better if the Video Clip on that page was viewable! It’s a YouTube clip and our Firewall blocks that! Any good Samaritan care to d/l the video and put it across as an mpg or something??

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