Things to do on a Saturday

With a work-week of Monday – Friday and the work-hours of 9 AM – 7 PM, I hardly get enough time for the kind of chores that have to be done on a weekday. So Saturday’s the only day that is sorta reserved for these so-called-chores. Some are necessary whilst some others are mundane and can be put-off until the next Saturday. I have been getting onto the put-off-until-next-Saturday role over the past few weeks and as a result of that indiscretion (or procrastination one might say!)  I find myself inundated with a backlog of to-do tasks today! Oddly, the saying that goes thus –  Things will go wrong when you least expect them – comes true at the most inopportune of moments 👿 .

So out of those several tasks that I set myself out to accomplish today, I could complete only a handful

  • Buy the CAT Form from the Axis Bank across the street – Not Done – a biiiig queue for the forms and the bank closes at 1:30!!!

  • Enrol at IMS for SimCATs – Not Done – Counsellor bot at desk! I’m supposed to go back at 3 PM

  • Pay Bills – Done. Thankfully!

  • Dry Cleaning – Not Done – Forgot’em at the room itself!

  • Ironing – Not Done – Guy’s not yet opened his shop!

  • Postpaid Migration – Not Done!

  • Ceiling Fan Repair – Not Done!

  • Credit Card Bills Payment – Done!

Amongst the other tasks that were classified as mundane, I did complete almost all. But they included tasks such as Check Yahoo! Mail (Coz its blocked at work); Check up on Orkut (ditto); Checkout the latesht trailers and vids at YouTube (ditto) and others too minor to be listed here 😛

Moral: Saturdays are meant to be used fruitfully! I’ll keep that in mind the next time :mrgreen:

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