Listening to….FoxyTunes Signatunes

I Just updated my Firefox Extensions and the Foxytunes add-on was upgraded to Version 3.0 Phase 1. It has a nifty Signatunes (Yes! with a n) feature which allows the user to post the song to which he’s currently listening to, in blog posts and email messages!

Signatunes is built into the latest version of FoxyTunes for Firefox – it adds a small icon to your favorite webmail and blogging services. This allows you to add a music signature to your message with a click. There is also an ‘auto-insert’ mode, which allows you to automatically add a Signatune to every message you compose.

Foxytunes Signatures

Now playing on RealPlayer: Rim Jhim Gire Sawan – Kishore Kumar
via FoxyTunes

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