A Quest….that Reminded me of my own!

My Younger bro’, having just finished his engineering, had come to the city for a quest. A quest that is ultimately for livelihood but in the short-term is for “doing a computer course”. Methinks that the opinion that a four-year B.Tech  is just not enough is becoming a prevalent one! I was from the class of 2004 and over seventy percent of the students of our batch had migrated off to cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad for  doing these very “computer courses”. Three years down the line, the opinion stays the same and the class of 2007 is descending upon Hyderabad and Bangalore now!

I was doing the rounds of some of the Institutes today with my Bro, and I must say that the number of such Institutes have really shot up! They have mushroomed in nearly every nook and crannny of the Maitrivanam area of Ameerpet and also have encroached onto the nearby colonies. One thing that has changed for the better is that these institutes no longer distribute paper pamphlets to each and every passers-by! There used to be days when an innocent pedestrain would be loaded with hundreds of advertising flyers/pamphlets and he/she would have no choice but to throw’em down! The streets would be covered with twi inches of paper-muck! But now the pamphlets have given way to banners and hoardings I suppose….they’re just everywhere! Hope the changes are for the better!

2 thoughts on “A Quest….that Reminded me of my own!

  1. he he he . America via Ameerpet ,they dont say that for no reason 🙂 , I heard there is no technology related to IT that is not taught there ..I was romaing around there with my cousin in final year .

  2. One will (might!) get any IT course Under the Sun there…that too at decent prices.

    Nowadays even working techies roam there…I saw quite a few with tags/ID’s of reputed co.’s there 😐

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