Off on My Vacation

I’ll be on a well-deserved vacation (even if I say so Myself!) from tomorrow. As I’d said earlier, this time my mid-year break had to be postponed and I shall be away from Hyderabad for over a week at the least. Though I do have the privilege of an internet connexion back at my hometown, its a dial-up and it remains to be seen whether the account has some more validity left on it or has it expired!

The downside may be the monsoon as the area has been lashed by rains over the past few weeks and the forecast for the next week is also grim. A low-pressure area is starting to form over coastal Orissa and the the chances of it intensifying into a depression (and/or a cyclonic storm) are high! Well, I sure hope that it stays away and the weather remains cool and dry over the next fortnight or so :mrgreen: . Adios!

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4 thoughts on “Off on My Vacation

  1. happy vacation ! maje karo ghar pe ,and see to it that net works … Akhi ka camera leke jao aur ache snaps nikalo udhar me πŸ˜€ …Behrampur is pretty close from coast ,rt ?

  2. Berhampur hae πŸ˜› And yeah, its 16 KM from Gopalpur Beach! But No Travel plans as of now

  3. wohich wohich πŸ˜€

  4. Hau Hau!

    Baarish ne naak mein dam kardiya hae!

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