Moody Modem

My dial-up connexion (yeah! You read it right! I do have a dial-up connexion in these broadband era!) was behaving erratically all day long 👿 Sometimes it wouldn’t dial at all and at other times it would dial and then promptly disconnect after throwing up some mundane error message and number. During the course of around 10 odd redial attempts, I’ve encountered error nos 775, 887, 885 and whatnot! I changed the phone-line, put in a new wire, updated the modem drivers, rolled-back the drivers (thankfully I had a drivers CD…otherwise I’d have had to connect to the net for them!) but nothing seemed to work!

I finally concluded (rightly so, as it transpired later) it might be a hardware problem and opened the case and lo and behold! The internal modem on my COM 3 port wasn’t my modem! I mean it was a totally different one! It was of the Intex brand whilst my older one was Aztech! A li’l bit of rummaging in the desk found me my old modem and without much ado, I yanked off the offending one and replaced it with the trusted oldie. A li’l screwing (of the nut n bolt type!) and rebooting later, I dialed up again and hey presto! It got connected at the first attempt and stayed on…..even as I type this post 🙂

Moral: Old is Gold! :mrgreen:

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