Watched: Partner

I’d been waiting to catch this movie on the big screen but couldn’t do so while in Hyd and when I went up to the theater in my hometown that was purportedly screening it (acc. to the posters) it was abruptly changed to Cash! So I ended up watching it on a rented DVD!

First up, Partner is a David Dhawan movie…so that means brains ought to be left behind while watching it! Now I’m accused to be very nit picky and judgmental whilst I’m seeing movies but I didn’t bother this time around. I’m still in the dark as to who amongst the lead actors does the Partner title allude to but I must say the movie entirely belonged to Govinda! He plays a nerdy IIMA graduate who’s a financial advisor to Katrina Kaif and is head-over-heels in love with her. Unable to bring himself to confess his love, he takes the help of Salman Khan, who plays a love guru. Salman guides him and helps him in wooing his dreamgirl; while doing some wooing of his own with single-mom-cum-journo Lara Dutta. The movie does remind one of Hitch but just the basic premise.

Partner Movie Poster

Govinda does what he does best – zany comedy – and totally rocks the movie. Salman is an able folly for him but he gets overboard at times. Considering that its his home-production (Sohail Khan’s the producer); it is indeed commendable that he allowed Govinda to take center stage. The leading ladies have nothing much to do though! Katrina Kaif looks pretty and falls for Govinda easily enough. Their pairing does look odd though…considering that *cough* Salman’s also inthe movie! Sallu and Lara take up most of the second half but their romance too is half-baked. The wooing tutorials were ok sorts….funny at times but mediocre most often. The ones in Kal Ho Naa Ho and Jaanemann were far better IMO. Music is a letdown. Only two songs – Do you wanna Partner and Soni de nakhre are good enough. The Chota Don comedy track is left for dead half-way and Lara’s newspaper article is totally uncalled (and unaccounted) for! Too many loose ends maketh the nitpicker in me restless 👿

All-in-all, Partner is a time-pass movie which sees Govinda back in comedy roles and that too with his fav. David Dhawan. But the rust is not yet fully off and I guess two or three more movies would bring out the Govinda as we knew him.

Verdict: 2.5 out of 5

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