The Vacation’s Ended

The week-long vacation has finally come to an end. I’ll be leaving for Hyderabad today evening and its back again to the daily grind….that I’ve been doing for the past two years 🙄 I’ve no gripe with that…just that for every six months of work, there should be a week or two of unwinding and relaxing…of coming back to one’s native place…relive all those cherished memories…get back to the cosiness of home and family…touch base with old friends…catch up with folks…roam around with a freewheeling cheerfulness without having to think about deadlines and commitments…

I’ve done all that…and more…in this short week and I’m more than happy that this break had come at such a juncture in my life; wherein there’s a realistic possibility that I may be heading towards yet another crossroads!

The-months-after-graduation-Redux :mrgreen:

One thought on “The Vacation’s Ended

  1. The routine days will need a break like vacations

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