Sunny and Lazy

The day was a Sunny one and I was Lazy enough so as not to anything today :mrgreen: I reached Hyderabad today morning – that after the train was delayed by over an hour – and promptly crashed onto the bed! I’d had a pretty sleepless night in the train, firstly because I had the side-lower berth (which is like 5 feet long!) and secondly, I’d to endure a snoring gentleman in the berth above mine!!!

I came down to da workplace and was promptly reminded of a training session that I had to attend – that of Python. Pretty interesting scripting stuff that. Must remind myself to pay attention in the next class. It was a welcome change from the dial-up connexion back at home to the blazing broadband here and I was done with all my backlogs of forums and discussion boards in a jiffy. What needs attention tomorrow is my Google Reader feed thatz been lying unread since a fortnight! *makes mental note*

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One thought on “Sunny and Lazy

  1. Welcome back to Hyderabad……………..

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