Of Cats, Pythons and Bastille Stormers

Firstly, thatz a wierd title…but as you go along reading this post, it’ll become self-explanatory :mrgreen:

September 8th – that’s the last date for the submission of filled-in application forms for CAT 2007 i.e. the IIM’s Common Admissions Test and I’ve haven’t yet taken the form outta the suitcase that I’d put it in for safekeeping! Saturday’s the only chance of posting it so I’d better get cracking on it tonight itself (Why tonight? Coz I’ve a strong feeling that I’ll put it off for tomorrow!) Not that it’s a tough ask…just a tad strenuous and irritating…all those circle-darkening and limit-signature-to-box et al!

And the Python I’m referring to is the scripting language that I’m learning…or at least am trying to. Its got quite a simple syntax and the fundas too are easy-to-understand…but its the actual scripting that’s getting my goat πŸ‘Ώ I end up making hazaar silly mistakes in the script and throw up several exceptions! Luckily for me, today’s sessions covered exception handling *rubs hands in glee* I had learnt Perl sometime ago; hoping that I’ll master it to an extent and then move over to Tcl/Tk and other stuff…but alas! I’ve sorta stood still in that department! Need to brush up those if I’m to face any new challenges πŸ˜‰

And now for the last piece of the enigma – the Bastille Stormers! They are a model of shoes from Reebok that I’d bough a fortnight ago. It was a discount sale and a big banner proclaiming “50% OFF” was more than enough to drag me inside. The fact that there was a teeny “UPTO” before it is another matter altogether! Nevertheless, I got the Bastille Stormer runner model at a neat-enough 40% discount and I’m wearing them today. Actually I’ve been hoping to wait till Friday (Coz of all the casual-wear hoopla on that day) but what the heck! Today’s better as any other! They feel quite snug and light and the ahem…runner in me is raring to go and…what else..run! There’re a few pics of the shoes after the jump that you might wanna have a look…

Bastille Stormer 2

Bastille Stormer

3 thoughts on “Of Cats, Pythons and Bastille Stormers

  1. Python’s lovely πŸ˜€

  2. Yup! Easy and powerful too…..

    but of no use to me ‘Professionally’ as of now 😐

  3. Am trying out GTK apps on them, its very easy to code! But not so good in making your friends use it. They wouldn’t install any compiler/interpreter stuff. 😦

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