iGoogle – Lotsa stuff therein

I dunno what/where I clicked to get to it but somehow I ended up on my iGoogle page and noticed that there was just a mite of a clock on it and nothing much of note! I vaguely remembered that I had put some other stuff therein – about the same time as I filled up my MyYahoo, Live! Spaces and Yahoo 360 pages with all sorts of stuff – but now there was nothing more than a clock and a calendar and some news!

So out came the Genius at Work poster as I set about re-building moi iGoogle page. There were lots of widgets to browse through….lots! Sifting through each and every page was tiresome so I did what google offers best – search! and nearly everything I wanted, had a widget associated with it (I couldn’t find a yawn calculator though). Amongst loads of stuff that I’d added, a few noteworthy items were Chess, Tetris, Hangman, Copter (all games); BBC Sport, Formula 1, EPL (sports); Dilbert, Garfield, Calvin & Hobbes, D.C (comics); Digg, slashdot, Discovery, howstuffworks, JokeADay (syndicated content); Babelfish, Indic, World Clocks, Weather (tools). There were a few nifty themes as well that i tried out but I ultimately applied the beach theme…which actually shows the Sun’s position (rising, high, setting etc) according to the local time. Nice! After it was all done and tidied up, I sat back and marveled at the nifty page (even if I say so myself!). Pity it can’t be shared with others. And Oh, the Sun’s setting on my iGoogle page…time to go :mrgreen:

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