Massa steals Pole from right under Hamilton’s nose

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa grabbed the Pole position for Sunday’s F1 Grand Prix at Turkey immediately after McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton had clocked the fastest time in Q3. Going into the last 3 minutes of Q3, the running order was Kimi Raikkonen>Lewis Hamilton>Felipe Massa>Fernando Alonso and it seemed to me that it would be exciting if that each one would set a fast lap time and the other would topple it! It may have happened that way but for Kimi Raikkonen’s small twitch at the penultimate corner and Alonso’s heavier fuel load. So the order turned out to be Felipe Massa in pole with Lewis Hamilton alongside him and Kimi Raikkonen and Fernando Alonso on the 2nd row. BMW occupied the 3rd row – with Robert Kubica 5th and Nick Heidfeld 6th – proving that thy were indeed the best of the rest.

Though the three-sessioned-qualifying was a novel format and people were liking it, it seemed pretty boring for me! All the action was concentrated in the Q3 – when the fastest 10 drivers would compete for the top 10 positions and it is this session that merits much viewing. In that sense, out of the one hour of qualifying only the last 15 minutes would be watchable! Too little too less IMO

Qualifying Reports: | BBC Sport |

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